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Research & Readings

All of USHCA’s work is backed up by real-life experience and research. This section includes brief summary descriptions of the research we have used, as well as a glossary of common terms that we use and promising practices of other districts.

A team can more fluidly work together with a common language and understanding of the research base.
–Avni Gupta-Kagan, USHCA Team Member


Promising Practices Examples of how districts have made progress on Teacher and Principal ABC tools.
Additional Research & Readings: Teachers Additional resources and research on topics related to teacher quality
Additional Research & Readings: Principals Additional resources and research on topics related to principal quality
Research and Resources on Teacher Pipelines & Pathways Research on teacher pipelines, pathways, and shortages
Understanding Teacher Shortages Research summary exploring teacher shortages
Glossary of Common Language Most often used terms used by USHCA