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Induction & Assignment

Induction and Assignment describes way to both bring new teachers into the district as well as match them well with the school where they have the greatest fit to the students they serve.  This section provides an overview of the USHCA perspective on this area.

Matching the right teacher and principal with the right classroom and school can make all the difference in student success.
–Avni Gupta-Kagan, USHCA Team Member


Road Map to Induction & Assignment Visual pathway for implementing materials in this section
Overview of Induction & Assignment High-level overview of HR's role in induction and assignment
District v. School Roles in Supporting Induction Tool to identify and calendar key induction activities for the district and school
Creating a Successful Onboarding Experience Tool to identify key onboarding actions
New Teacher Center High Quality Mentoring & Induction Practices Specific ideas on mentoring and induction practices.
New Teacher Center District Self-Assessment on High Quality Mentoring & Induction Practices Assessment to reflect on induction and mentoring practices
Summary of Learning – Teacher Induction and Assignment Detailed powerpoint of USHCA work on this topic.
Summary of Learning — Principal Induction Detailed powerpoint of USHCA work on this topic