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Recruitment & Selection

Recruitment and Selection are important elements of the work of HR to ensure the best teachers and principals are brought into the district. This section provides strategies for recruiting and selecting teachers and principals who match the needs of the district with a focus on critical shortage areas. Strategies to increase diversity are in the “Recruitment & Selection: Diversity” section.


Road Map to Recruitment & Selection Visual pathway for implementing materials in this section
Recruitment & Selection Summary Overview powerpoint of this topic area
Overview of Recruitment & Selection High-level overview of HR's role in recruitment of selection
Top Recruitment & Selection Strategies Strategies to recruit critical shortage area teachers and improve diversity
A Year in the Life of a Great Recruitment Team Calendar with key activities for recruitment teams
Reboot: Redefining HR’s Role in Supporting Great STEM Teaching Strategies for recruiting and selecting a strong STEM workforce
HR STEM Toolkit Set of online tools to support STEM teacher workforce development
Late Hiring Strategies Strategies for filling vacancies late in hiring season
Early Hire Teacher Offer Letter – Sample Sample early hire teacher offer letter
Considerations in Developing a Selection Strategy Key research perspectives on teacher selection
Teacher Referral Campaign Tips & Ideas Ideas for creating a referral campaign
Considerations for Growing Your Teacher Pipelines Considerations for growing teacher pipelines
Analyzing Your Recruitment & Selection Processes for Missed Opportunities Stages of recruitment and selection process
Analyzing Your Current Pipelines and Pathways Key questions to review pipelines and pathways
Summary of Learning — Teacher Preparation & Recruitment Detailed powerpoint of USHCA work on this topic.
Summary of Learning — Teacher Hiring & Selection Detailed powerpoint of USHCA work on this topic.